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Mrs. Wylee Bickerman » Bio


Welcome to Tier/Title 1 Reading!    I have been teaching reading here at Midland for 14 years.  In the beginning of my career, I taught first grade in Peoria District 150 for seven and a half years at Kellar Primary.  Then I got a Masters Degree in Reading and changed jobs to become a reading specialist at Midland Elementary!  I live outside of Lacon.  I am married to Todd and have two children Ella and Tucker.  I enjoy crafting, gardening, reading, and the outdoors. Our family enjoys spending time camping together.
In Tier Reading, I provide extra support in reading during the school day!  This support is provided in small groups outside of the regular classroom.  Some groups are one on one and others may be up to 6 students per group.  In Tier, we work on alphabet recognition, reading strategies, phonics,  fluency, and comprehension.  
The Reading Teachers test students on their individual reading levels at the beginning of school, October, December, March and May.  This provides the classroom teachers with the opportunity to individualize lessons and group students to instruct them at their own reading level. 
In the last few years I have started teaching K/1 Tier Math as well.  In Tier Math, I help students gain important math skills and learn to use math strategies to complete many different math tasks.  These skills are taught in small groups just like we do for reading. We use Touch Math to help our students learn numbers and how to add and subtract easily without relying on their fingers.  We focus on learning our math facts.  I like to teach the facts with a strategy.  For instance, adding 1, 2, or 3 to a number can be done by starting with the bigger number and counting on +1, +2 or +3.  Ex. start with 5 and add on 3 for 5+3.  We would say (5), 6,7,8.  
I enjoy working with small groups of students in reading or math.  Thank you for letting me work with your child in my room!
Contact info:  wbickerman@midland-7.net


Kids love to get mail! Surprise them with a magazine subscription this Christmas!

My kids love to get mail.  The last few years I have purchased or had relatives purchase a magazine subscription for them to get in the mail.  Now that my oldest is in middle school she wanted an HGTV subscription.  My youngest is into social studies and science so I got him a subscription to ASK magazine.  There are many kids magazines out there.  The classic Highlights is available along with American Girl, Lego, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated for Kids.  My favorite literature magazines are printed right in LaSalle, IL.  They have 11 different award winning magazines from toddlers to teens.  Babybug, Ladybug, Cricket, Spider, Ask, Dig into History, Click, Muse, Cobblestone, Faces, and Cicadia.  There are also a digital story app, Story Bug.  
Magazines are a fun way to read.  The articles are shorter than books and have excellent pictures.  So even the reluctant readers like them.  Especially if the magazine is about a topic they love.  I have added some links to websites to find out more about purchasing these magazines.